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Medical Office Assistants in Demand: A Comprehensive Overview of the Medical Office Assistant Course

In the fast-paced world of healthcare, medical office assistants (MOAs) are in growing demand. They play an integral role in ensuring that medical offices, clinics, and hospitals operate efficiently. In the province of British Columbia, the need for competent and trained MOAs is particularly evident, with a moderate outlook for job opportunities in the field over the next three years​1​.

A key player in this scenario is the Medical Reception College BC (, which offers a comprehensive Medical Office Assistant Course. The college has been aiding students for over two decades in building their careers, focusing on market-driven programs that equip students with skills sought after by leading employers in the healthcare industry​2​.

Medical Office Assistant Course
Medical Office Assistant Course

The Medical Office Assistant Course at Medical Reception College BC

The MOA course at the Medical Reception College BC is a 12-week program covering all aspects of medical office assistant administration. It provides a combination of theoretical instruction and practical experience, with an emphasis on preparing students for real-world scenarios that occur within the MOA field​3​​4​.


The course consists of various modules, including Medical Office Procedures, Clinical Procedures, Medical Speed and Accuracy, Medical Terminology, Human Relations Management, E-Communications Management, and a Practicum component​5​. The comprehensive curriculum ensures that students are well-rounded in their training and ready to take on roles in various medical and clinical settings.

Topics Covered

The topics covered in the course are extensive, ranging from answering phones, booking appointments, patient preparation, billing procedures, to more advanced aspects like assistance in minor surgery rooms and simple dressing change procedures. Students also learn about various computer software programs and applications, enhancing their digital literacy, a skill set increasingly important in today's technologically advanced healthcare environment​6​.

The Importance of Practicum

One of the unique aspects of the MOA course at the Medical Reception College BC is the inclusion of a practicum for all students. This provides invaluable hands-on experience, which is instrumental in bridging the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical skills. The college sets up the practicum in various places such as doctor’s offices, urgent care, clinics, radiology, and more​7​​8​.

Admission Requirements

To be eligible for this course, Students must meet following criteria:

  1. The student has graduated from Grade 12.

  2. Successful result on a typing test administered by school administration 15 WPM. Mature Admission: Students must meet the following criteria.

  3. The student has matured student status (is 19 or older before the start of classes. Plus, all the following:

  4. Successful result on a typing test administered by school administration 15 WPM

  5. Successful result on an aptitude test administered by the school (50%) All students must have the following:

  6. Submission of a negative TB skin test. If the skin test is positive, proof of a negative TB chest x-ray is required.

  7. All students must complete a criminal record check prior to practicum placement.

Medical Office Assistant Course
Medical Office Assistant Course

The Value of the Diploma

On successful completion of the program requirements, including the practicum, students receive a diploma from Medical Reception College BC. This diploma is an asset to any clinic, hospital, or medical office setting. A high majority of graduates find work after receiving their diploma from the college, showcasing the effectiveness of the program and the recognition it enjoys within the industry​10​.

Medical Office Assistant Course offered by Medical Reception College BC ( is a valuable investment for individuals looking to build a career as a Medical Office Assistant. The course offers a comprehensive curriculum, an invaluable practicum experience, and a diploma that holds recognition and value within the healthcare industry.


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